Frequently Asked Questions

Can I press a bouquet that is already dried?

Unfortunately, we are not able to press an already dried bouquet because the leaves and flowers may break apart if flattened. However, we recommend preserving your bouquet in a shadowbox. Our full stem options under 'Shop' > 'Already Married?' allow you to preserve your wedding bouquet without pressing it.

How do I ship my bouquet?

We will send detailed instructions upon booking.

Will the colors of my flowers fade over time?

Yes, but this is natural. Over time colors will fade and pollen may fall.

Can I gift a pressed bouquet?

Yes! Head here to gift. Upon booking you will receive a printable giftcard within 24 hours. *Gift cards should be redeemed PRIOR to the wedding so we can arrange pick-up/delivery immediately following the wedding.

How do I reserve my wedding date?

Simply book your bouquet here. Your wedding date will be reserved!

Tell me more about the Dried Modern and Dried Classic

The Dried Modern and Dried Classic are perfect options for the bride whose wedding has passed and they have a dried, dusty bouquet hanging in a closet somewhere. These can be purchased here.